About Us

bringing-newspaperKarly Dettorre:

Our cockapoo puppies are second generation, meaning both parents are 1st generation cockapoos and are usually in the 12 pound range.  Also all grandparents of our puppies are AKC proveable.

Our cockapoo puppies are born and raised in our home, infact,  it’s usually in our living room. Being in the mix of everything usually gives are babies plenty of love and attention.  By the time our little ones are ready to go to their new homes they have been well socialized by all our friends, family, and especially our three year old daughter!

I  decided to raise this breed because I absolutely fell in-love with it. When I purchased my first cockapoo about 4 years ago I couldn’t wait to have puppies.  Cockapoos have the greatest disposition. They’re fantastic family dogs,  very loyal,  and have just the right amount of energy.  Then to top it off they are allergy friendly and have very little shedding.  You can’t ask for a better breed.

I would not consider myself a “breeder” since I only have the one female that I breed. She is our “baby” and is treated just like a family member. McKenzie sleeps in bed with our daughter, goes on family vacations or rides in the car, and spends very little time outside. She is like our second child.  🙂

k0718415Krissie Cooper:

     Krissie Cooper’s 1st generation cockapoos are bred from AKC Standard sized Poodles and AKC American Cocker  Spaniels.  Our puppies average about 28-36 pounds at adulthood. . . . A perfect size for camping, jogging, hiking, and the couch.  🙂

     Our puppies are bred in a health conscious environment and are raised in a family atmosphere.  At our house you’ll never find a kennel situation. Our puppies parents are actually our pets and companions. They like to go for rides to the grocery store, bank, post office, etc.  However, they are mostly in the house with us. Because of this our puppies tend to be more socially adjusted.  You’ll find our puppies playing and romping in the grass.

     I don’t like to be referred to as a “breeder” because I feel I do much more then just “breed” dogs. Perhaps the term “developer of fine canines” would suit me better. (HaHa).   


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