Free Feeding vs. Scheduled Feeding

k2427481Here are hopefully some helpful tips on which way is best to feed your dog/ new cockapoo puppy.  We have always been one  for free feeding, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best or right way, it’s just the way we feel comfortable feeding. You have to decided what works  for you and your dog.      Feel free to post comments/advice about this topic.


Commonly mentioned free-feeding pros and cons
-Dogs eat only when they are hungry, and do not feel pressured to eat when they are not hungry.
-Dogs eat only as much or as little as they need. For example, if a dog gets a lot of exercise one day, s/he can eat more. If s/he isn’t very active the next day, s/he can eat less.
-You don’t have to worry about missing meal times, and your dog will always be able to eat when hungry.
-Some dogs will free-feed themselves right into obesity.
-If your puppy/dog is still housetraining, free-feeding can delay the process.
-Your dog will not be food motivated, which can make training difficult.

Commonly mentioned scheduled feeding pros and cons
-Can help with housetraining. Since your puppy is eating at the same times each day, s/he will also need to “go” at around the same times each day.
-If your dog knows the food comes from you and only when you decide, s/he will be more likely to see you as the ‘leader,” respect you more, and therefore be more obedient.
-You control when and how much your dog eats, which can help regulate his/her weight.
-Dogs may feel they have to eat even when they are not hungry.
-If your dog knows the food is limited, s/he may be protective or aggressive during meal times.
-You may not be feeding your dog enough without your knowledge/you may be feeding your dog too much without your knowledge


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