Kids and cockapoos

k1434620k1121197      Kids and cockapoos are an unbeatable combination.  however – young kids and young cockapoos need to be supervised together. The kids will be unable to resist the pup as will the pup want to climb all over the kids.

It is important to teach young children the proper way to handle the young pup.  For the smaller kids, never let them hold the pup due to the likelihood off dropping the pup resulting in potential injury. For young kids it is best that they sit on the floor and interact with the pup on a low to the ground basis.

For the next level up kids that you feel are responsible enough to actually hold the pup you will need to teach them to support the pup with one arm under the pup and the other arm holding the pup from falling. A pup just grabbed by the middle will feel unsupported as may squirm resulting in a fall since the child does not have full control.

For the bigger kids – they also need to support the pup with one arm but will be able to use the other arm and hand to pet – scratch – rub – etc. This also applies to adults – the pup needs to feel secure in not falling.

Kids and cockapoos playing together is one of life’s biggest joys.  Again – some things to remember with young kids.  Young kids need to learn to not swing at or hit puppies. This is a natural thing for the littlest kids to do and they don’t mean any harm but — the puppy could become a little shy of them. Young kids also have a tendancy to yell loudly, which can scare the pup. Kids that are big enough to play properly with the pup will enjoy all the types of play they and the pup can devise.

Just a couple points here  –  before the pup has teethed and those puppy teeth are SHARP, do not play extensive amounts of tug a war since that could cause incorrect growth patterns of the teeth.

Do encourage fetching.

Gentle wrestling needs to be kept gentle. From the pup’s point of view the children may be litter mates and the level of play among litter mates can be quite ferocious, so don’t allow play biting behavior to begin even though it is cute in the pup. Those jaw muscles and other muscles only get stronger. Swinging of paws and other wrestling behavior will have to be adjusted to your lifestyle.

Don’t overdue it – kids and pups need down time. When the pup is tired don’t let the kids force the issue.


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