Cockapoo Grooming

k0804614Grooming a cockapoo is quite simple – they only require basic brushing and combing to maintain a well groomed look – once a week can suffice. You will find it easier if you get your puppy accustomed to it right from the start, and be sure to stick to the routine, but don’t be surprised if your dog needs to be a bit older for it fully cooperate. In addition to regular grooming, routine eye and ear care needs to be done – as well as toenail clipping (see pages elsewhere on the site for these topics). You should also do some routine dental care, but most dogs by the age of two need some professional care by your vet for tooth scaling and cleaning.

Clipping the cockapoo can be done with shears or clippers – if clippers, most use a long blade/comb attachment to leave the coat at least an inch to an inch and half. The best overall description would be a “puppy cut” – even for adult cockapoos. Other people ask for clips that are closer to a cocker or a poodle – but your dog is a cockapoo, and should have the distinctive cockapoo look. Whatever “style” you choose, be sure that the hair around the eyes is well trimmed for proper vision and eye health, fur between the pads is trimmed close, hair under and somewhat around the ears is trimmed to allow as much air circulation as possible, and for hygiene you will probably want to be sure the hair around the bottom is closely clipped.

This is one way of grooming a cockapoo for summer while maintaining the principle cockapoo features -additional notes for your groomer – short tails are shaved just like the top —- long tails are left with plume, perhaps trimmed just enough to look smooth but never shortened -takes to long to grow back to the gorgeous stage if you are lucky enough to get a full tail. Body shaved top and leggings left – although shortened, under tail cleaned. Mustache, eyebrows and ears are left, head , neck and part way down chest cleaned. Feet are trimmed to be rounded looking and hair between pads removed to level with pads.


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